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Why Nandan

Nandan Atlanta

About Us

Nandan Bengali Association of Atlanta is an amiable, young, non-profit organization registered at Atlanta, GA. It is founded by a group of passionate and enthusiastic people who loves to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of India and serve the society through philanthropic efforts. 


Since the dawn of civilization, humans have migrated from one place to the another. The nomads are often credited to influence the sedentary civilizations by disseminating new ideas, technologies, and culture. At the same time, they tried not to lose their individuality, retain the bond to the roots, to preserve and promote their own culture and heritage.  For those of us, who left the motherland but still identify ourselves as the true bangalee, we would like to introduce you to our young and unique association Nandan! 

Nandan is our attempt to create a platform for uniting the like-minded people with a purpose to preserve our rich traditions, to serve the society through philanthropic efforts, and to promote our Bengali culture 


Our Vision & Mission

Bringing together Bengali families and persons interested in Bengali culture and tradition, irrespective of gender, race and religion. Preserve Bengali heritage and promote the Bengali language, culture, social values and religious activities among the entire spectrum of Bengali communities across the United States, and specifically the Georgia area. Reach out to people of all ages, with particular emphasis on younger people so that they can join with their elders in order to understand the rich heritage of the Bengali language so that its vibrant identity can be passed on future generations. To spread the Bengali way of love, laughter, food, music, art and all things that make us so very quintessentially Bengali. 

Nandan Bengali Association of Atlanta




Our Mission

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